Best African Designers: How fashion made my life a collection of good experiences

Is life a journey of events to you? Arguably, yes it is a journey of separate experiences combined. These experiences  can either be good or bad. Best African Designers? How fashion made my life change, is a true story. Also, research shows that to most people, there are many experiences that can be classified as good. However, tendency to remember the good events determines how well a life was lived.  My secret way that changed my life to a collection of good experiences is attaching good events and experiences to fashion.

Yes fashion works  miracles. Do you have a special shoe that reminds you of that trip to your favorite city? Or a skirt to mark your favorite day at work? Try remembering the skirt, trouser or shoes that you wore when you went to your best interview. Do you remember that day you met your crush who happened to be the best thing in your life? What were you wearing? Here is what I fond out and from then, i got the Best African Designers: How fashion made my life change for the better.
official poker dress
Research shows that there is a deep connection between the special events in our lives, to what we proudly wear. In fact, some people have favorite colors matching the clothes they wore when  they made a change in their life.

My advice is, think of using these special fashionable attire to remind you of the moments that mean everything to your life.  When you are expecting a life changing experience, buy yourself something that will last most part of your lifetime. In fact, if you have an afro designer shirt, a dress you buy online at your favorite shop, think of wearing it that morning when you feel like a whole set of bad things are happening to you.  The result would be a diversion from bad thoughts to good memories, every time you stand in front of a mirror.  In fact, your friends will remind you of how good you look and raise your memories to another good experience.